Sightseeing Ideas Bayreuth, Germany

Sightseeing Ideas Bayreuth, Germany I have family in #Bayreuth, #Germany and whenever I visit my brother shows us unique sightseeing spots in Bayreuth. If you visit Munich for the Oktoberfest or Nürnberg for the Christmas Market, Bayreuth might be a city worth to explore. First of all, there are many beer gardens around, one was the Herzogkeller (not in this video). Another great attraction are the catacombs under the Bayreuth Brewery. If you like classical music you might be familiar with the Bayreuth Festival and have heard of the Margravial Opera House. An 18th century theater in E

urope; it is the only surviving example in which the culture and acoustics of a baroque court opera can be authentically experienced. 😁Don't be a stranger 🎠Subscribe to my channel: 🎠Instagram: 🎠Email: 🎠Twitter: Music Song: Artlist Sax Party by Ofer Koren Editing Software: Davinci Resolve Camera: Sony alpha 7C & iPhone 12Pro Map: Google Maps | Map Data ©2021 ZENRIN Japan Drone: DJI Mavic 2 Pro XOX Martina Takano German living in Japan vlog / blogger

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