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Tokyo Station

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The Imperial Palace is popular among Tourists and it is right at Tokyo Station. But be aware, only 300 visitors per tour on first come first serve basis are allowed in the East Garden. There are more information on the official website:

Walking map:

Imperial Palace Garden

On the other side of Tokyo Station is Nihombashi. There are to many sightseeing spots to mention and I will focus on the Tokyo Station, the Imperial Palace and Nihombashi. My latest video you can find on youtube here:

For all large Japanese Station there is one rule, find a map and find out where you are. Usually there are four exits in all cardinal directions. I arrived with the Yokosuka line and usually end up on the West side of the Station. 

Tokyo Station location map

Meeting Points

I do not leave through the gates and stay within the station because there are two meeting points, one, the Gin no Suzu is very famous and the other one is the clock tower, just around the corner.

Screenshot from my video

Obento or Ekiben

Inside the Station on level one you have access to all trains and the Shinkansen. Ekiben and Omiyage Shops are everywhere. When I travel long distance I buy an ekiben, Eki means station and Ben is short for Obento. This Salmon pressed Sushi tasted delicious 

pressed salmon - Masunosushi

Ekiben offers

Souvenirs at Tokyo Station

and this Omiyage or Souvenir I bought for someone, tulip sweet. 

Tulip Sweets

You have many options and do not need to stick to my choices. After that I meet my travel companion at the Gin-no-Suzu and we wait at one of the waiting rooms after the Shinkansen Gates.

At level B1 lockers are in all sizes available for traveler and you can get rid of your luggage to explore the surrounding areas. Many restaurants are also available within the gates of Tokyo Station. 

Tokyo First Avenue

But there is more, if you leave through the Gates and go in the direction to the East Exit you will find ”First Avenue Tokyo Station and it is one of the best spots in Tokyo compressed interests. I believe 10 times better than Akihabara.

Map of First Avenue

Meeting Points at Tokyo Station:

Gin-no-Suzu B1

Clock Tower B1

First Avenue Tokyo Station

Tokyo Character Street

Tokyo Okashi Land

Nippon Gourmet Road

Tokyo Ramen Street

Tokyo Gift Palette

Ramen Street at Tokyo Station

I love the Tokyo Ramen Street and I wanted to eat there but it was to crowded, just come a little earlier than 12 pm, maybe 11 am and you can find the most delicious Ramen. Even vegetarian Ramen is available. Here is an video about Ramen. 

If you are not into Ramen, just turn your back on it and there it is, Nippon Gourmet Road and everything looks fantastic. After that buy some sweets at the Okashi Land or go to the Tokyo Character Street. 

Japanese Modern Sweets

At the end many souvenirs are available at the Gift Palette. You can spent hours here.

And the next is Nihombashi, just exit the East side and walk into the direction to Nihombashi. What I find surprising was that there are not many tourists on this side of the Station and the horde of salary man going for lunch in small alleys everywhere. I believe this is a great area to explore for cheap and good restaurants and of course the world famous Takashimaya. 




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