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My name is Martina. I am from North Germany and living in Japan since 2006 on and off. I report about my Life in Japan on this channel with a focus on travel destinations in #Japan. When I visit my home country Germany or it’s surrounding countries I vlog about it. If you are learning German, I do have a German channel about Life in Japan oder Leben in Japan which you can find here:

We visited Zao Onsen to see the famous snow monsters of Yamagata and that was an experience you hardly forget. First of all, even with snow tires, we had lots of difficulties to reach our hotel, which was located on a steep mountain. I took us a while to bring our car up, we were so tired. Later that day we went up with the #zao ropeway to the Snow Monsters. Icy cold temperature of -10 C but with strong winds it was like -20 C. The trees were all covered with a thick snow layer and frozen in time, called Juhyo in Japan or frozen tree. Atmospheric conditions creates a cycle of ice accumulation which leads to the appearance of this surreal towering monsters. Illuminated at night gives this landscape a ghostly atmosphere if there wasn't the howling wind, reminding you that this is reality. 

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